Welcome to Sunrise Auto Detailing

Dirty Car Dirty Vehicles are No Match for Us

Over time the exterior and interior of your vehicle collects salt, dirt, allergens, mold, and bacteria, not to mention...a bad smell! Let us destroy those problems with our top of the line powerful cleaning equipment.

Carpet Extracting

Vacuum & Shampoo CarpetsDeep carpet extracting will remove stains from pets, food, drink, dirt/mud, cosmetics, body fluids, and more from your floor mats, carpets, and upholstery. Renew and refresh your leather as well. Don't be the "guy with the smelly car."

Deep Clean

Sunrise Detailing will deep clean, not just surface clean, the interior of your vehicle. Minnesota winters and springs can be very hard on the interior carpets and upholstery. Leaving dirt and debris to settle into your interior can cause damage to the carpet and upholstery fibers themselved, leaving your interior looking ragged and aged. We remove dirt and grime before it can cause deep damage.

Protective Wax ExteriorExterior Buffing

Buffing removes most light scratches, and adds incredible shine and gloss to your finish!!

Any Car

Any make or model, new or old. If your are planning to trade in or sell a vehicle, you will add more value to your car if the interior is in great shape. We provide professional auto detailing at an affordable price.